Founded by Blessed Fr. Justin Russolillo, S.D.V.

 A candidate seeking the religious life in the Society of Divine Vocations must have a strong desire to serve God and his people

To become a Catholic priest you must first start as a “candidate.” A candidate should fulfill some necessary requirements.

He must:

. Have the ability and the inclination to work in vocation ministry;
. be male, single, with at least his high school education;
. be in good health;
. be a baptized and confirmed Catholic;
. and be free from canonical impediments.

Upon completing the admission process an individual may be accepted into the community as a Candidate. After a short period of candidacy, he will start the Postulancy. This is followed by one year of Novitiate, after which the candidate takes temporary vows of poverty, chastity and obedience for one year. These vows are renewed annually. At the end of three years in temporary vows, he will take perpetual vows.

Candidates for the priesthood must also obtain a college degree and attend four years of theological studies before his Priesthood Ordination.

For more information, please contact:
 Blessed Fr. Justin Vocationary in Florham Park, NJ.
Tel. 973-966-6262

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