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Society of Divine Vocations

General Council

In July of 2012, during the 14th Chapter in Naples, Italy, Father Antonio Rafael do Nascimento, S.D.V., was elected Father General of the Society of Divine Vocations – Vocationist Fathers.

The new Father General, Very Rev. Antonio R. do Nascimento, S.D.V., chaired sessions of the Chapter on the mornings of July 2 and 3, 2012. In the  afternoon sessions the Chapter Fathers had elected the new General Councillors for the Chapter of  2012-2018.

Fr. Ciro Sarnataro, S.D.V., Vicar General

Fr. Armando Palmieri, S.D.V.,
Councillor for Parishes and Vocationaries

Fr. Anthony Ezebuiro, S.D.V., Councillor for the Missions

Fr. Salvatore Musella, S.D.V., Dean of Studies

Fr. Giuseppe Fasano, S.D.V., General Treasurer


Fr. Antonio

Very Rev. Antonio Rafael do Nascimento, S.D.V.
Father General of the Society of Divine Vocations


foto-dipinto-don-giustino-dett-rid Blessed Fr. Justin Maria Russolillo, S.D.V


“How many times,
O my Lord God,
my life seems to be
without purpose
and my time a total waste!
But in you are the reasons
of my life and they are worthy of you!

In you is the exemplar of my life,
and in you are prepared for me
all graces necessary to live up to it!
How everything is worthy of you!
And I do not understand it!”

Devotional, page 172