Pope Francis will convene a public consistory of Cardinals at the Vatican on Monday, May 3, for the presentation of seven Blessed to be canonized. BLESSED FATHER JUSTIN RUSSOLILLO, founder of the Vocationist Fathers and Sisters, is one of the seven. On this day, we will know the date of the canonization of our Blessed Founder.

The MIRACLE OF FATHER JUSTIN recognized by Pope Francis

The Postulation of the Cause presented to the Congregation for the canonization of Blessed Father Justin Maria Russolillo, the story of Jean Emile, a young Vocationist seminarian. Emile was healed from generalized and prolonged tonic-chronic seizures, epileptic condition, coma, serious rhabdomyolysis, pneumonia ab ingestis, and acute respiratory failure through the intercession of Blessed Father Justin.

Jean Emilie Rasolofo was born in Madagascar in 1984. He was resident in the community of Quarto of Naples, Italy. On the evening of April 15, 2016, Jean Emilie suffered a severe headache after dinner. On the following day, he was absent from the morning religious prayers at the Lodi, and for supper later in the day. A brother found him on the floor in his chamber in a pool of his own blood. He was urgently transported to the Emergency Room of the Civil Hospital in Pozzuoli, where he arrived unconscious. He was intubated and subjected to assisted breathing. On April 18, his clinical condition was extremely serious.

Warned of Jean Emilie’s serious condition by his doctors, the Superior General sent a message to all Vocationists asking for prayers to Father Justin for the healing of that young man. He sent a five-language plea together with Jean Emilie’s picture to religious of the Congregation worldwide. He asked them to pray in every community and parish the novena to the Blessed Founder for the healing of the young religious. On April 18, 2016, a Vocationist brother brought the image of Blessed Father Justin with his relic to Jean Emilie’s hospital room. The individual and community prayers resulted in an unexpectedly quick positive result.

On April 21, Jean Emilie’s clinical conditions improved rapidly, and he was out of the coma state. His hospital release took place on May 3, 2016. He was completed healed without any side effects.

The Ordinary Congregation of Bishops and Cardinals, members of the Dicastery for the Causes of the Saints, has recognized the miracle of the cure of Jean Emile to be attributed to Blessed Father Justin.

With this last step, we consider complete the process of canonization. We now wait for Pope Francis to authorize the publication of the decree that will officially recognize this miracle to be through the intercession of our beloved founder. The wait is shortening, the time for Blessed Justin so dreamed canonization is closer.

In everything and for everything,

God be praised and glorified!

Is God Calling You?

How Do You Know When God is Calling You? By the grace of God and the virtue of our baptism, we all have a vocation. We are all called to live a life of holiness and service. The challenge is to figure out and understand how God wants us to live out that call.
. Should I get married?
. Should I become a religious person?
. Should I remain single?

VOCATIONIST FATHERS can help you discover if becoming a Catholic priest is the right choice for you and your faith. We are here to guide you in discerning God’s plan for your life, as you begin this exciting spiritual journey and explore the options open to you. If you decide this is your call, we will help you to become a Catholic priest.

Society of Divine Vocations

The Society of Divine Vocations, also known as the VOCATIONIST FATHERS, is a religious congregation founded by Blessed Fr. Justin Maria Russolillo, S.D.V., in Pianura, Naples – Italy in 1920. Blessed Fr. Justin also founded the Vocationist Sisters and Apostles of Universal Sanctification. 

The Vocationist Fathers has its main charism as “identifying and fostering vocations to the priesthood and religious life, especially among the less privileged”. 

We work in Vocationaries, parishes, schools, and missions. Currently, our missionary spirit serves the people of God in Italy, Brazil, U.S.A., Argentina, Nigeria, Philippines, India, Madagascar, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, United Kingdom, and Chile.

Blessed Father Justin said, “A Vocationary is a religious house where, in a spirit of prayer and study, we educate and guide – free of charge – candidates who wish to dedicate themselves to a life of service to the Lord, but who are not oriented yet towards diocesan priesthood or religious congregations.”

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