About Us

We are hundreds of priests, brothers, sisters, novices and religious serving in the spirit of our founder, Blessed Father Justin Russolillo, an Italian Catholic priest who devoted his life to fulfilling the need of religious vocations in the world.

Since 1920, the foundation of our congregation, SOCIETY OF DIVINE VOCATIONS, we have worked relentlessly on promoting vocations, specially amongst the poorest. Our ultimate goal is to bring all members, and, through them the whole world, to perfect divine union with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Vocationist Fathers first arrived in the United States in 1962. In July of 2017, it became a Quasi Province with twelve parishes in four East Coast States. The Father Justin Vocationary in Florham Park is the Spiritual House of the Quasi Province, and Rev. Michael Reardon, SDV, is the actual Father Provincial.

For directions and contact information – USA QUASI PROVINCE