Justinian AnthologyJourney Torwards Espousal UnionVOCATIONIST BOOKS

Journey toward the Espousal Union” and “Justinian Anthology” are two books on the teachings of Blessed Fr. Justin, recently translated to English by Fr. Louis Caputo, S.D.V. – Click on the covers to read them online right now (The first two pages in these books are blank, please scroll down and start your reading on page 3).


These are some other books written by Blessed Fr. Justin Russolillo, also translated to English by Fr. Louis Caputo, former Father General of the Vocationist Fathers.

You can read them online by clicking their cover, or order hard copies of these and many other books by contacting the Vocationist Fathers by email at Fr. Stephen Ehiahuruike, SDV or call 973-966-6262.