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… and you are interested in becoming a Catholic priest as a member of the VOCATIONIST FATHERS. Or if you are a woman and would like to be a nun as a VOCATIONIST SISTER or a VOCATIONIST APOSTLE OF UNIVERSAL SANCTIFICATION, please send us an email with your questions and concerns.
A Vocationist priest, Vocation Director, will promptly contact you.

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    Prayer for the Canonization of BLESSED JUSTIN RUSSOLILLO

    O most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for the well being of the Church you blessed with extraordinary gifts, Blessed Justin Mary of the Holy Trinity Russolillo and you made him a pious and zealous priest, an apostle of divine vocations and a fervent promoter of your glory, love and will for universal sanctification and for the divine union of all people, grant us the grace of experiencing the power of his intercession while imitating his devotion, humility, patience, zeal, and kindness.

    May the grace ... (here you mention your intentions) … that you will grant us through his intercession, be of spiritual advantage to us, and soon bring about his canonization here on earth.

    Three Glory Be ... in honor of the Holy Trinity