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Society of Divine Vocations

Very Rev. Antonio Rafael do Nascimento, S.D.V.

Fr. Antonio 2

The Congregation of the Vocationist Fathers with the election of Fr. Antonio Rafael do Nascimento, S.D.V., as Superior General has decided to trust in his leadership, his proven track record and missionary experience as Assistant General of the Missions, obtained in the preceding governments of the Congregation.

The thoughts of all the faithful vocation promoters are with him. The most sincere wishes to carry out its mandate with kindness, energy, determination and Justinian spirit, comforted by the collaboration of the entire congregation, supported by the protection of our beloved founder, of the SS. Virgin Mary and St. Joseph.

Devotees of Blessed Fr. Justin and faithful vocation promoters are confident the new Father General will continue his good work. The restructuring of the Vocationary and the Vocationist’s Mother House, after the expansion of the Congregation in the world, the structural renewal and introduction of the Italian Province for the great event of the Beatification of our Founder, under Pe. Antonio1the guidance of Fr Louis Caputo, S.D.V., receive now even more, his personal impulse to achieve more ambitious goals and the further development of the Congregation in the world.

Fr. Antonio Rafael do Nascimento was born in the city of Pau dos Ferros, in the State of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil in 1963. He made ​​his first vows in 1984, and perpetual vows in 1988. HFr. Antonioe carried out his philosophical and theological education in the faculty of Rio de Janeiro, run by the Benedictines. Ordained a priest in Plain, Naples in 1990, he returned to Brazil where, for several years, he served as Vocation Director, Educator and Pastor.

He returned to Italy in 2004 to obtain his license in Spiritual Theology at the Pontifical University in Rome Teresianum in 2006. That same year he was elected at the XIII General Chapter, Assistant General for the Missions. He served as Councillor for the Missions of the many countries served by the Vocationist Fathers.

His charismatic presence conquered the trust and love of those he touched. From now on, all the lay people, and especially those who live and work promoting vocations, are ready to pray with Very Rev. Antonio do R. Nascimento, S.D.V., to give their collaboration, serious, sincere and faithful, in view of the desired Canonization of Fr. Justin.

Prayer for the Canonization of BLESSED JUSTIN RUSSOLILLO

O most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for the well being of the Church you blessed with extraordinary gifts, Blessed Justin Mary of the Holy Trinity Russolillo and you made him a pious and zealous priest, an apostle of divine vocations and a fervent promoter of your glory, love and will for universal sanctification and for the divine union of all people, grant us the grace of experiencing the power of his intercession while imitating his devotion, humility, patience, zeal, and kindness.

May the grace ... (here you mention your intentions) … that you will grant us through his intercession, be of spiritual advantage to us, and soon bring about his canonization here on earth.

Three Glory Be ... in honor of the Holy Trinity