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Mass Cards are the ideal way to express one’s most prayerful sentiments
on the occasion of the death of a friend or loved one. 

It is easy to acquire our cards:
1. Please choose from our list of Mass cards
2. List your choice of cards in the form at the bottom of this page
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We will mail you the cards you requested. As you receive your order, keep the MASS CARDS aside. Donations are only required when you use one of our Mass Cards.

Offering: $25.00

Richly leather padded card consisting of an elegant certificate inside, sided by an inspirational sunset photo that says, “Life is changed not ended. Light your perpetual light shine upon them, O Lord.”  And a second picture of your choice from a vast selection of religious figures:

Mass cards

Vocationist Fathers Mass Cards

. Divine Mercy
. Good Shepherd
. Christ on Mt. Olive
. Immaculate Heart of Mary
. Sorrowful Mother
. Our Lady of Grace
. Our Lady of Guadalupe with Roses
. Our Lady of Guadalupe
. Mother with Child
. St. Anthony
. Pieta
. Holy Family
. St. Teresa
. St. Joseph
. Mysteries of the Rosary
. St. Jude
. Niño Divino
. Christ
. St. Patrick
. St. Francis

# 2 – ELEGANT ALBUM – 8 1/2″ X 12 1/4″
Offering: $20.00

An artistic enrollment certificate with a beautifully embossed blue or white cover, with a choice of three colorful religious pictures:

. Last Supper
. Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary
. Road to Emmaus

# 3 – LARGE FOLDER – 7 1/2″ X 9 1/2″
Offering: $15.00

This card comes in two color choices of white or blue, with a choice of three colorful religious pictures and artistic enrollment certificate with a beautifully embossed blue or white cover.

. Sacred Heart of Jesus
. Holy Family
. Our Lady of Grace
. Road to Emmaus

# 4 – SMALL FOLDER – 4 1/4″ X 7″
Offering: $10.00

This card also comes in two color choices of white or blue, with a choice of three colorful religious pictures and artistic enrollment certificate with a beautifully embossed blue or white cover.

. Holy Family
. Sacred Heart of Jesus
. Sorrowful Mother

# 5 – LOVELY CARD – 5″ X 7″
Offering: $5.00

A choice of four different religious covers with a prayer and enrollment certificate inside.

. Pieta
. Our Lady of Perpetual Help
. Agony in the Garden
. Jesus Praying

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A donation is due only when a card is used.

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    Share the beauty of our faith
    with a spiritual enrollment in honor of a loved one

    Your enrollment will offer comfort, joy, and hope to someone you love and wish to remember in prayer. Perpetual Enrollment in the Society of Divine Vocations includes the deceased in perpetual Mass and prayers offered each day by the Vocationist Fathers & Brothers.

    This is a beautiful expression of love to be given to a loved one or special person in your life. At the same time, your remembrance and offering will support the work of our Fathers and Brothers in a mission.


    as we help the Church by reducing the shortage of Vocations! We sponsor candidates to the priesthood in the U.S.A. and in many poor countries around the world.

    The ministry of the Vocationist Fathers is supported mainly through the donations received from the promotion of Mass Cards to the general public. You can become a Vocationist co-worker by requesting our Mass Cards and keeping them on hand for use by you, your family and your friends.

    Your donation is due only when a card is used

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    Vocationist Mass Cards

    You can also provide support to the sick, injured
    or for any occasion adding their names to our prayers.
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    Prayer for the Canonization of BLESSED JUSTIN RUSSOLILLO

    O most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for the well being of the Church you blessed with extraordinary gifts, Blessed Justin Mary of the Holy Trinity Russolillo and you made him a pious and zealous priest, an apostle of divine vocations and a fervent promoter of your glory, love and will for universal sanctification and for the divine union of all people, grant us the grace of experiencing the power of his intercession while imitating his devotion, humility, patience, zeal, and kindness.

    May the grace ... (here you mention your intentions) … that you will grant us through his intercession, be of spiritual advantage to us, and soon bring about his canonization here on earth.

    Three Glory Be ... in honor of the Holy Trinity