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Society of Divine Vocations

Our “LADY OF DIVINE VOCATIONS SHRINE” and “VOCATIONIST FATHERS RETREAT & CONFERENCE CENTER” provide peace, beauty and tranquility in the presence of our Holy Mother and the Blessed Trinity.

This 39-acre refuge is perfect for a spiritual day of recollection, a gracious religious retreat or group pilgrimage. Simply come for a leisurely visit to see our Convent, Monastery, and Chapels. Consider our grounds as an oasis to nourish your spiritual growth and deepen your precious faith or just come and talk to one of the priests, brothers or sisters.

ENJOY your meditation and prayers, outdoors amid the Rosary and Prayer gardens, statues of favorite saints surrounded with the sounds of flowing water. Walk along our nature trails and Stations or the Cross, sweetened with the aroma of honeysuckle and the singing of birds. Spiritually connect with nature and enjoy the wildlife while relaxing beside one of the several ponds.

UTILIZE our seven Conference Rooms with full catering and dining service for any event; Christmas, Communion or Confirmation parties. Our party tents — up to 4,000 sq. ft. — are also available for any outdoor gathering scheduled enough in advance.

For more detailed information, requests or reservations, please fill out this form and send to us. Someone will respond you promptly.

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    Prayer for the Canonization of BLESSED JUSTIN RUSSOLILLO

    O most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for the well being of the Church you blessed with extraordinary gifts, Blessed Justin Mary of the Holy Trinity Russolillo and you made him a pious and zealous priest, an apostle of divine vocations and a fervent promoter of your glory, love and will for universal sanctification and for the divine union of all people, grant us the grace of experiencing the power of his intercession while imitating his devotion, humility, patience, zeal, and kindness.

    May the grace ... (here you mention your intentions) … that you will grant us through his intercession, be of spiritual advantage to us, and soon bring about his canonization here on earth.

    Three Glory Be ... in honor of the Holy Trinity